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Editorial Illustrations
Variety of editorials made in 2015-2016.
Tshirt Illustrations
Tshirt illustrations for new fashion brand Tease Wear Project.
Header illustration for London based coders
When Venuex asked me for illustrations about the indoor mapping project for venues; I offered them an isometric style of design in which we can better understand the 3D sensation of the place. After a long journey, here is the isometric world of Venuex... Hope you liked it.
Melbourne Business School // Demand Curve Animation
The University of Melbourne is ranked 1st in Australia. I had the privilege to create an animated video to teach one of the important base of economical basics. My purpose is students can easily grap the base idea of the demand curve with enjoyable illustration style.
Hababam Sınıfı
My personal illustration project, covering prominent characters of The Hababam Sınıfı, a Turkish cinema comic cult.
Tanzania Cover
In the year 2014, I have designed 15 covers for the magazine Business Year. I illustrated maps with prominent buildings, economic and cultural symbols for cover concepts of 15 countries. Afterwards i patched them up with digital illustrations of country leaders. You can see the details of Tanzania Cover for reference.
Comvoy Truck // Isometric Illustration
Comvoy is the first and only structured, searchable marketplace for work-ready trucks in USA. They want to show their work-ready trucks on the isometric city scene. So I developed a whole isometric city which shows different work-truck duties.
Editorial Illustrations
Vector illustrations for various magazines of late years.
Nigeria Map Illustration
Nigeria Map Illustration for the Business Year Magazine.
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