Kürşat Ünsal is an award-winning artist and animator based in Turkey. A graduate of the Graphic Arts and Design School of Marmara University, he moved to Bodrum in 2014 after spending the first years of his career in Istanbul.
Kürşat specializes in meticulous vector illustrations; using isometrics and infographics, Kürşat can construct entire worlds in which life flows seamlessly between 2 and 3D dimensions. Bold colors, geometric shapes, and careful observation define his style. Inspired by architecture, history, and natural beauty, he is not distracted by superfluous detail, simplifying what he sees to let the best features shine through.
Whether it's minimalist logos, simple icons, detailed maps or intricate animations, Kürşat's unusual blend of precision and play has fostered a fan base from around the globe.
Clients include Apple, AT&T, BAI Communication, BMW, EPAM Systems, Fast Company, and PMC Media.

iJungle Illustration Awards / Commercial Illustration Gold Award 2024

featured in
Playful Data - Sandu Publishing
Member of the Association of Illustrators (AOI)
Member of the Turkish Graphic Designer Association (GMK)
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