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Minimal City Skylines
Minimal typographic city skyline designs.
The Business Year
I designed 16 cover illustrations in 2015 for TBY. There were two basic elements about these works which are; the digital portrait illustrations of the world leaders and the other is the background illustrations which brings the traditional patterns and cultural & economical icons together of the countries.
Municipality of Izmir
I created this flat map illustration for Municipality of Izmir. I focused Kemeralti area which is historical and cultural heart of the City. Buildings such as the Clock Tower, Agora of Smyrna, Kızlaragasi Mosque are some of the most important landmarks of the region.
Melbourne Business School
I designed an icon set about economic terms for Melbourne Business School.
Çözüm Makina
Çözüm Makina developed monitors the distance between employees as well as their use of masks 24/7. Their system send audio signals and warning lights to areas failing to comply with set protocols, thus increasing control and deterring unsafe behavior. I was tasked to creatively promote their solution.
Homepage illustration for New York based smart tech company
Melbourne Business School
Game of Thrones
I illustrated Map of Westeros in my line style. Tribute to the Game of Thrones TV series
Header illustration for London based coders
The Business Year
I designed 13 cover illustrations in 2017 for The Business Year Magazine. 37th Turkish Society of Graphic Design Awards (GMK) 2018 Illustration, Achievement Award Tanzania | Colombia | Costa Rica | Ghana | Indonesia | Iran | Jamaica | Kazakhstan | Lebanon | Mexico | Nigeria | Panama | Zambia
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