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Atomic Dublin
Map illustration to discover Dublin's hotspots and cultural destinations for Dublin based advertising agency Atomic
Comvoy Trucks
I made that isometric illustration for USA.
Çözüm Makina
Çözüm Makina developed monitors the distance between employees as well as their use of masks 24/7. Their system send audio signals and warning lights to areas failing to comply with set protocols, thus increasing control and deterring unsafe behavior. I was tasked to creatively promote their solution.
The Business Year
I designed 13 cover illustrations in 2017 for The Business Year Magazine. 37th Turkish Society of Graphic Design Awards (GMK) 2018 Illustration, Achievement Award Tanzania | Colombia | Costa Rica | Ghana | Indonesia | Iran | Jamaica | Kazakhstan | Lebanon | Mexico | Nigeria | Panama | Zambia
Travel Posters
Poster design in various design languages for favourite travel destinations. You can also buy these poster from here
Melbourne Business School
I designed this flat map illustration for Sevgili Bodrum's guide favor at Sunsplash Festival. Sevgili Bodrum is a web site considering local interviews and a local guide. So I picked up unique destinations of the peninsula and iconized them.
Detay Textile
Animated presentation for Detay Tekstil that produces hotel textiles for fine hotels all over the world.
The Business Year
Vector icon designs for The Business Year Magazine’s chapter openers such as economy, energy, agriculture, transporting, diplomacy, ICT...
Editorial Illustrations
Vector illustrations for various magazines of late years.
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