Various Isometric City Illustrations
Here's the selection of isometric city illustrations that i created in 2019-2021.
Hope you enjoy it.
When Venuex asked me for illustrations and animations about the indoor mapping project for venues; I offered them an isometric style of design in which we can better understand the 3D sensation of the place. After a long journey, here is the isometric world of Venuex... for more about the project 👉🏻 VENUEX
Vıtaminic wanted to represent their features with different buildings and icons. Regarding that brief, I imagined how it would look like if the Vitaminic platform were a city. So I created the city's elements and mixed them with the features. Finally, I gave life to the town with little looping movements.  for more about the project 👉🏻 VITAMINIC
Galataport Istanbul, this is one of Turkey's most important cruise ship ports. For this project, I designed a 4m x 3m vector map which includes cultural landmarks around Galataport and the surrounding area in an isometric drawing style. I tried to make visitors feel that there are plenty of things to explore by adding many little details that show more about this area. 
for more about the project 👉🏻 Galataport Istanbul
Plasti-Fab Canada is a manufacturing company that makes foam products used for insulation and other sturctural purposes.  I demonstrate the many ways that Plasti-Fab’s insulation products can be used.
for more about the project 👉🏻 PLASTIFAB
Comvoy is the first searchable marketplace for work-ready trucks in USA. They want to show their trucks on the isometric city scene. So I developed a whole isometric city that shows different work-truck duties.
for more about the project 👉🏻 COMVOY TRUCK
Teknopark Istanbul which is Turkey’s biggest Science Park specializing in idea and product development for scientific industries. The goal is to show the campus' buildings and activity areas layout in a clear and easy to navigate style.
for more about the project 👉🏻 TEKNOPARK

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