Painted in Photoshop.

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Coffee Department
An illustration that will give joy to coffee drinkers for Coffee Department, a new wave of coffeshop located in Balat.
Tanzania Cover
In the year 2014, I have designed 15 covers for the magazine Business Year. I illustrated maps with prominent buildings, economic and cultural symbols for cover concepts of 15 countries. Afterwards i patched them up with digital illustrations of country leaders. You can see the details of Tanzania Cover for reference.
Conde Nast Traveller
A collection of editorial illustrations for Conde Nast Traveller Türkiye.
Chapter Opener Vector Icons
Vector icon designs for The Business Year Magazine’s chapter openers such as economy, energy, agriculture, transporting, diplomacy, ICT...
Header Illustration
Header illustration for London based coders
Istanbul Kebap
My personal typography work addressing cultural diversity of Istanbul.
Dublin Map Illustration
Map illustration to discover Dublin's hotspots and cultural destinations for Dublin based advertising agency Atomic.
Istanbul Design Week
Book design for the Istanbul Design Week 2013.
Smartphone, the addiction of our age! My criticial view on this addiction.
Editorial Illustrations
Variety of editorials made in 2015-2016.
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