Editorial Illustrations

Vector illustrations for various magazines of late years.

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Castles of Game of Thrones
A minimal look at the Game of Thrones castles
Minimal City Posters
Minimal posters of famous cities of the world
My personal project on key characters of communism including Karl Marx, Che and Lenin illustrations
Olympic Sport Icons
Pictogram Designs for the Olympic Sports
Header Illustration
Header illustration for London based coders couplewhocode.com
Tanzania Cover
In the year 2014, I have designed 15 covers for the magazine Business Year. I illustrated maps with prominent buildings, economic and cultural symbols for cover concepts of 15 countries. Afterwards i patched them up with digital illustrations of country leaders. You can see the details of Tanzania Cover for reference.
Internet of Things
We brought together the idea of “Internet of Things” which will be an indispensable part of our lives in the future in a map illustration in collaboration with San Francisco based web development firm Yeti.
Minimal City Skylines
Minimal typographic city skyline designs.
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